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~ Fine Arts With Bumming Crew ~

We do this a lot off camera, find awkward Deviantart drawings and talk about them, but we decided to bring you the inside scoop this time. Tell you what theyre all about. Give you a chance to explore the world of art just like us. It’s a scary world…

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SNEAK PEAK of c0ke reading "you got mail"

A little clip of a huge story. This is probably gonna be the next Bumming Crew video. The whole thing is 16 minutes long so I’m working out how to make it interesting enough using sound editing and drawings.

- Prikle

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captaindatten asked: I remember oh-so-long ago, there was a little doodle of Ego punching the bitch out of Timbo (ego actually wanted to at the time). What was that all about?

Excuse me? We’ve never had contact with egoraptor so chances are one of us drew it for fun and it had no meaning whatsoever.

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sarahstinyworld asked: ohai, um, will there be any new Bumming Crew episodes coming out soon? Or ever?

We literally put out an animation a month ago. If that doesn’t satisfy you enough, read this.

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